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Formulations of LDN

LDN can be in either: Liquid, Capsules, Sublingual, Cream or Tablets.


Oral Liquid Formulation at 1mg/1ml is the most commonly used type of LDN. It is taken daily, and dosed using a baby oral syringe.

Cost approx. $0.50 - 1per dose.


In the USA, capsules or tablets in a variety of strengths are available from compounding pharmacists but it is recommended that these be purchased only from compounders who have a significant level of experience formulating LDN.

Prices tend to range from $0.50-1.50 per dose.

Sublingual Drops

Sublingual drops are designed for patients who are having problems taking the medication orally, or for people who want to guarantee the fastest delivery of the drug into their bloodstream. A number of drops are placed under the tongue from a dropper bottle and dose is increased and decreased by the number of drops taken.

Cost about $1 a dose.


LDN Cream is most typically available in 0.5mg/ml and is available for application to the skin. This is helpful for children, or for patients allergic to colorings – flavorings or any excipients that may be found in other forms of LDN. It may be more expensive than oral forms.


Tables are available from several compounding pharmacies in different strength forms.