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About the LDN Research Trust

In 2004, the LDN Research Trust Charity was founded in the UK, although we help people around the world. The primary aim of the Trust is to Initiate Clinical Trials of Low Dose Naltrexone for Autoimmune Diseases and Cancers.

Whilst working to raise funds for trials, we have helped over 100,000 people  to obtain LDN from a General Practitioner or Consultant, either through the National Health Service or by private prescription.  We are proud to have helped people not just in the UK but in countries throughout Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. On this website and from our downloadable newsletters, you will be able to read the stories of some of these people.

We have helped many people with MS, Crohn's, IBS, ME and Cancer to name a few conditions LDN can treat. The use of LDN is spreading.

By raising awareness of LDN and funding clinical trials that will be published for the benefit of the public, we hope to achieve our ultimate goal for everyone to be prescribed LDN on the NHS and around the world, for all conditions where LDN could be of benefit. The LDN Research Trust is a non-profit-making Registered Charity, and everyone is a volunteer. Only expenses for the running of the Charity will be taken, and these will be at cost.

To help us continue our work to bring relief to all people with Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions, we would appreciate help with fund raising, either in cash or in kind.  You can be sure that all contributions are greatly appreciated, however small. 

The LDN Radio Show was started in November 2016 and is proving very popular with guest speakers who are LDN Prescribers, Researchers, Pharmacists or work in the health field.

You can listen to over 1,000 interviews on our Vimeo Channel, from LDN prescribing doctors, scientists, pharmacists, and users for many conditions.

Download the LDN Information Pack which can be printed, to show your doctor.

Click here to see the conditions where LDN could be of benefit. Here are the countries around the World where are members are from.