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LDN and Lyme Disease

On this page you will find the LDN and Lyme Disease Documentary and full interviews of those that took part, there is a wealth of information including What is Lyme Disease? How do you catch it? How to get an accurate diagnosis? How to treat it? How to live with it? and much more!

We have two LDN 2017 conference Videos on Lyme Disease, and Radio Show interviews from Prescribers and LDN Users.

We will be adding to this page; if you are an LDN Prescriber, Pharmacist or Patient with experience of Lyme Disease, please contact us via the Contact Us Form we would like to hear from you.

A special thank you to everyone that donated to the documentary; it would have been impossible for us to make it without you!

Lyme Disease LDN Documentary

Sunjya Schweig Lyme Interview

Kat Toups Lyme Interview

Kent Holtorf Lyme Interview

Richard Horowitz Lyme Interview

Armin Schwarzbach Lyme Interview

Modern laboratory tests for diagnosing Lyme disease - Dr. Armin Schwarzbach

LDN and Lyme Disease(Case Study) - Darin Ingels, ND

LDN Radio












Darin Ingles -  LDN Radio