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The LDN Book 2 Launch and Tour

The LDN Book 2 Launch and Tour will start on Tuesday 14th October 2020 in Chicago USA, hosted by Mark Drugs.

We are excited about the book tour and have LDN expert Pharmacists who are organizing either a day, 1/2 day, evening LDN seminar,  between October 14th - 30th, with a 100 miles between locations we hope to cover as many states as possible.

Linda Elsegood will be attending and both The LDN Book and The LDN Book 2 will be available for sale.

Pharmacists that have signed up so far are, click the logo for their websites.


The LDN Book 2 October 14th in Chicago 

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   Visit their website in Illinois


The LDN Book 2 Tour


  Visit their website in Washington State



  Visit their website in Alabama



  Visit their website in Washington State


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Visit their website in Texas






Visit their website in Pennsylvania





Visit their website in Ottawa, Canada


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Visit their website in Wisconsin



Full details for the events and the schedule will be added as they become available. Each Pharmacy will have it's own page.