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The role LDN plays in the body's hormonal symphony: how a well-conducted orchestra enhances the efficacy of LDN.


Dr Harpal Bains MBBS


Like a symphony orchestra, the human body works best when all of its instruments are in tune and playing together. 


However, without an experienced conductor the orchestra will fall out of harmony, as will the human body without holistic management of the endocrine systems.

It is perhaps too easy for practitioners to forget this by focussing mostly, or only, on the most pressing issue a patient has. For example, focussing only on improving thyroid function for a thyroid patient, but ignoring the rest of the body.

When we take a step and manage the body as a whole, conducting the orchestra rather than just the soloists, the effects have the potential to make a huge difference to every system in the body.

In our orchestra, Low Dose Naltrexone is the wonderful soloist who can raise the symphony to another level. But the soloists always requires the full support of the whole stage. 

This presentation aims to demonstrate the importance of this concept of total management with specialist supporting acts.

Session learning objective:

To learn of the importance of recognising the signs of hormonal issues/imbalances

To learn when to intervene hormonally to maintain a synergistic relationship 

To learn LDN's place in all of this

Session outline:

How the hormonal system works and how different hormones interact

How LDN can enhance or diminish the effects of hormones

Case study to illustrate