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LDN Related Fact Sheets

This area of the website contains useful fact sheets that we hope you will find of use.

To view these documents you will need Adobe Reader (pre-installed on most computers but free to download if required).

LDN Dosing Guide 2020

Patient LDN Guide 2020

Tax Deductible donations from the USA

CBD - Medical Professionals Guide

LDN App Flyer 2018

Successful treatment of postural orthostatic tachycardia and mast cell activation syndromes using naltrexone, immunoglobulin and antibiotic treatment

LDN 2017 Conference Sponsor Brochure

LDN and MS Paper 29/10/2016

LDN and Depression- Paper - 17th Oct 2016

Pre-Recorded LDN Case Study Proposal

LDN Conference Roundup Conference Roundup

LDN/MS Fact Sheet 2015

Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Applications

LDN 2014 Conference Brochure

Dr Phil Boyle - LDN in Clinical Practice and Fertility

Dept of Health Letter 2010

DR Mark Shukhman - Dr Andrey Lev-Weisberg LDN 2013 Conference

Introduction to LDN - Dr Ian S.Zagon