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LDN Health Tracker App and LDN Hub

The free LDN Health Tracker App is available on, PC's, Mac's, Tablets, Android, and iPhone's.

Take part in the worlds largest LDN Survey

The LDN App can now be used as a monitoring tool for LDN Prescribers and Pharmacists to monitor their patients.


Download the FREE LDN Health Tracker App here

What is the FREE myLDN Health Tracker App?

LDN App Video from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

  • The LDN App is free, quick and easy to download and use, data is synced to all devised where the App has been installed visit
  • The App is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac Computers
  • Patients can use the App as often as desired, we suggest weekly until they are stable and then monthly although initially many patients choose to use the app daily, this is an invaluable tool so you can see your progress as it is hard to remember everything.
  • Using the app before starting LDN gives a baseline to track your progress which is helpful for both patients and those monitoring you.

Patients can track:

  • LDN Doses and titration
  • All medicines and doses
  • Side Effects
  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Mood
  • Pain Levels
  • Quality of life
  • Energy
  • Answer Specific Questions for certain conditions
  • Aids used
  • Keep a Journal
  • Print graphs and charts
  • Set Alarms                                          
  • And much more               

Access can be granted for a prescriber or pharmacists to view the data so they can monitor their patients in real-time via the LDN Hub, access can be revoked at any time, patients are always in control of their data.

How Secure is my Data?

  • The myLDN App is a secure and compliant App, all data is held securely.
  • Patients can grant access to their data to their medical professionals via the LDN Hub, by adding their provider's license number in their app. They can deny access at any time by removing the license number, the patient is always in control of their
  • own data.
  • Medical professionals add their patient's ID number in their hub to view their data, should the patient agree.
  • No personal data such as emails, addresses are tracked via the ID number (names are optional and decided by the patient)

The Worlds Largest LDN Survey

The anonymous data will be used to help researchers when planning further clinical trials, patient data is invaluable especially when the patient starts using the LDN App prior to starting LDN so they have a baseline.

We appreciate everyone’s help and support!

FREE LDN Hub Registration here

What is the LDN Hub?

LDN Hub Video from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

  • The LDN Hub is a portal that allows medical professionals to monitor their patients in real-time via the patient's myLDN health tracker App
  • The app is free and available on Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows and Mac computers, data is automatically synced to all devices where the app has been installed making it easy for the patient to enter and track their data.
  • Patients can choose to grant permission for their prescriber or pharmacist to view their data.
  • Prescribers or Pharmacists can cross-reference data from all their patients who are using LDN App which make this an invaluable tool giving insight to their patient’s progress on LDN.
  • Graphs and Charts can be created and downloaded for further analysis.
  • Should a patient be struggling, it would be evident when using the hub, the patient can then be contacted and advice offered without the need of a consultation, this is a very time-efficient and cost-effective way of supporting patients.

Security & Data Privacy

•    The LDN Hub is a password protected secure compliant application for medical professionals to monitor their patients.

What are the costs of using the LDN hub?

  • Registration is free, quick and easy and setup
  • Prescribers and Pharmacists can monitor all patients who are using the LDN App for free during the first 12 months, where permission was granted to view their data.
  • After the free trial period, quarterly costs are based on the number of active patients being monitored
  • A patient is deemed inactive if they haven’t used the App within a 2-month period
  • For each active patient being monitored a charge of 50p per quarter will be invoiced, at the start of the quarter following the trial period.
  • We hope you will find the hub a useful monitoring tool, we have to charge a nominal fee to support the costs of the hub.

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