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LDN 2019 Donation Membership

Being a member of the LDN Research Trust comes with the following benefits. Not only is our annual donation membership superb value, it helps us to continue our work.

Our website is very busy, Google Analytics stats show we currently have approximately 1,200 visitors a day and 2,600 web page views, and 39% of visitors are looking at the prescriber and pharmacy pages. (Stats 27/01/2019)

New for 2019! You can claim tax back on your donation membership in the UK and USA.  Read below!

5.Membership Packages

Standard $300

Plus $400

Telemed $500

Multiple Listings $500

Virtual Expo $500

Multiple Listings & Virtual Expo $750

Telemed & Virtual Expo $750

1 Website listing with Hyperlink to Your Website

1 Website listing with: Hyperlink to Your Website, Your Logo, 40 words of Text

Hyperlink to Your Website, Your Logo, 40 words of Text. Multiple listings for Pharmacies and Prescribers who give face to face consultations  

2017 conference livestream & recordings

Annual Invitation to be a Guest on The LDN Radio Show

Bespoke Packages for Sponsors/Exhibitors

Discounts on Advertising Radio Show

A badge to put on your website which states you are a 2019 LDN Research Trust Member

Your dedicated page on our Virtual Expo site, listed on all our websites

Listed as a Telemed consultant in our telemed directory, which shows in every State/ Country you cover


Links to Listings

Prescribers Listing - Pharmacy Listing - LDN Educator Listing - Telemedicine Listing - Virtual Expo  The Virtual Expos are shown on our main website and Conference Websites.

A Basic listing without membership for Pharmacies and Prescriber (face to face), and Educators, shows your name under one location in your state. There is a $60 donation administrative fee for a Basic listing.

Click Here to submit and donate for your Basic listing.


New Tax Deductible Donations:

UK Donations are tax deductible; your accountant can claim the tax back

USA Donations over $500 are now Tax Deductible click here for details

  • Please contact us using this form after donating via CAF so we can link the donation to your account.
  • We will notify you as soon we receive your donation.