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Cory Tichauer, ND

Dr. Cory Tichauer grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.  Passionate from a young age about being a physician, he pursued several positions of leadership working in local hospitals and volunteer organizations.  He began premedical studies at Cornell University graduating with honors and a B.A. in Neurobiology and Behavior.  Dr. Tichauer also studied abroad in Nepal, extensively researching traditional healing methods and working closely alongside a shaman. This profound encounter challenged Dr. Tichauer to evaluate his motivations for becoming a physician.  His rediscovered purpose to become not only a doctor but also a healer, led him to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where he graduated with a doctorate in Medicine.

Believing that the body has, within itself, the inherent ability to heal, Dr. Tichauer utilizes an integrative therapeutic model designed to remove obstacles to health while simultaneously optimizing the self-healing mechanisms of the body.  Healing is accomplished through the elimination of infections and toxicity from the body while normalizing immune dysfunction, stimulating mitochondrial energy production and supporting cellular detoxification and repair. State-of-the-art testing from a wide array of laboratories is used to assist and support Dr. Tichauer’s diagnoses as well as used to help track treatment progression.  Using a functional medicine approach, Dr. Tichauer’s treatments incorporate the use of pharmaceutical and botanical medications, IV therapeutics, Naturopathic therapies, targeted neutraceuticals, homeopathy, bioresonance, neural therapy, prolotherapy, therapeutic ozone, spinal manipulation, and individualized epigenetic analyses.

In the last 15 years of practice, Dr. Tichauer has primarily focused on the realms of chronic infectious illness, neurodegenerative conditions and autoimmune disease with an emphasis on Tick-Borne Illness such as Lyme Disease. He has been a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society since 2009 when he received a prestigious fellowship to receive formal training in the treatment of Lyme. He has studied with three of the most esteemed physicians in the country on the treatment of chronic Lyme disease and is well versed in the treatment of Mold Illness and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).  In 2016, Dr. Tichauer spent time in Germany touring many reputed Lyme clinics regarding how best to integrate certain proven European therapies into his practice model.  Always striving to improve outcomes and provide the best possible care, Dr. Tichauer is very successful in helping patients to recover their health.  

Dr. Tichauer is the father of two beautiful children who occupy most of his free time.  When able, he enjoys mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, road biking, backpacking, and playing guitar amongst his many hobbies.  He is the owner and lead physician of Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic in Medford, Oregon.