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Researched Nutritionals

Physician-only line of clinically researched formulations: CytoQuel® - researched-based and formulated to promote healthy cytokine activity, including NF-k Beta, IL6, IL8, IL17, IL23, TNF-a; H2 Absorb™ - molecular hydrogen to scavenge hydroxyl free radical & promote healthy oxidative stress levels; ATP Fuel®-mitochondrial product with published researched showing 31% fatigue reduction and 30% cognitive improvement; Tri-Fortify™ Orange & our new Watermelon flavor – liposomal glutathione demonstrating 28% increase in red blood cell (intracellular) glutathione, 25% reduction in oxidative stress & 400% increase in natural killer cell function in just two weeks; Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ - demonstrating 620% increase in Natural Killer Cell function. European Physicians: All products are registered in the EU, and they ship from the Netherlands. Contact US Customer Service for the European contact information: +1 805 693 1802 option 1.

Researched Nutritionals PO Box 224 Los Olivos, CA 93441

Customer Service: +1 805 693 1802 option 1