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Innovation Compounding

Innovation Compounding is a PCAB-Accredited USP <797> sterile and USP <795> nonsterile compounding-only pharmacy that supports over 6000 prescribers, 65,000 patients and annually provides 60,000 prescriptions across the nation. We commit to individualized pharmaceutical care through being Relentless in our drive for personalized medicine, Compassionate toward our patients and doctors, as well as being a Wellness Advocate for our patients’ lives and state of wellbeing.

Innovation Compounding began in 2007 as a family-owned operation with only 5 employees but has since grown to 25 employees who provide service to over 45 states nationwide. Throughout our 10 years of growth, we have striven to remain accessible, accurate, and compassionate about healthcare and compounding.

Every prescription we receive from a prescriber that leaves our doors undergoes a triple check by our Operations Team to ensure the accuracy of the medication. Innovation Compounding complies with the highest letter of State and Federal law, as well as USP Guidelines and PCAB Standards. Our team members are involved in many local, state, and national associations in order to remain current with healthcare and pharmacy intelligence.


  • Be the market leader in delivering high quality pharmaceutically compounded products to patients.
  • Conduct ongoing health-outcome assessments and continuous research to ensure the efficacy and safety of compounded medication.
  • Serve as a trusted source to physicians in various healthcare segments by presenting evidence and scientific-based information.

Pharmacy compounding is our passion.

Patient health is our priority. Producing high-quality, compounded medications is our privilege.

6095 Pine Mountain Rd. NW Suite 108 Kennesaw, GA , USA 30152

Toll-Free: (800) 547-1399
Fax: (866) 635-2329