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Patient selection and inflammation.


Dana Keaton ND


Many illnesses are amenable to LDN treatment. Looking at LDN as an inflammation intervention widens the scope of which patients may benefit.

Session Learning Objective:

After this presentation attendees will be better able to select patients more broadly who may benefit from LDN. There will be discussion also of older anti inflammatory medicines selection with or without LDN.

Session Outline:

  • The inflammatory cascade affects many processes in the body and is responsible for many of the current chronic illness in our patients.
  • Inflammatory diseases and current treatments.  Effects and side effects.
  • Aspirin
  • Prednisone and biologics
  • Lifestyle impacts on inflammation
  • Effects of LDN
  • What it can not do that older anti inflammation drugs can manage.
  • Why choose LDN instead or in addition to historic treatments.