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Safety and Quality in Low-Dose Naltrexone Compounding


James Iversen


This session will discuss compounding techniques and quality control procedures used in the process of compounding low dose naltrexone. The topics discussed will apply to compounding of capsules, oral solutions, and topical LDN preparations. 

Session Learning Objective:

For Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians:

Learn about innovative equipment useful in the process of compounding low-dose naltrexone

Learn about quality control and quality assurance procedures which can improve the quality of your finished compounded preparations


For Prescribers and Other Practitioners:

Learn how to qualify a pharmacy to use as a partner in delivering LDN preparations to your patients

Learn about techniques pharmacies use to ensure quality and safety in their LDN preparations

Learn about factors in the process of compounding LDN that may affect patient outcomes and/or compliance

Session Outline:

Review of common LDN preparations made in compounding pharmacies

Review of potential issues that may arise in regards to quality and safety

Review of equipment and techniques useful in the process of compounding LDN

Review of QA/QC processes that improve medication quality and safety

Review of technology and software that can help with the compounding process for LDN preparations