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Naltrexone Dosing in Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Symptoms


Ulrich Lanius, PhD

Dosing of opioid antagonists for traumatic stress syndromes and dissociative symptoms is discussed. Case studies are used to illustrate the need for different dosing and how this relates to minimizing adverse effects and maximizing beneficial effects. A neurobiological rationale for adverse effects on emotional functioning in these cases is provided, as well as specific strategies how to address such issues. Moreover, different dosing strategies and their integration with psychotherapeutic interventions are discussed.

  • Participant will learn about the neurobiology of dissociation and how to use opioid antagonist to address dissociative symptoms.
  • Participants will learn how psychiatric overlay may predispose patients who take LDN for autoimmune disorders to adverse effects.
  • Participant will learn how to address these issues with patients through psychotherapeutic interventions and dosing adjustments.