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A Pharmacist's Perspective on Comprehensive Immune Health Consultations and Applications of LDN


Amy Lamb Pharm

This session will review the interactions and assessments in a community pharmacy practice that result in recommendations for LDN therapy initiation. The session will also review complementary therapies for patients seeking functional improvement of immune dysregulation

  • To identify appropriate patients and prescriptions that LDN recommendations are appropriate for
  • How to document recommendations and provide evidence and perspective to prescribers
  • To learn the potential complementary therapies to LDN to improve disease outcomes and immune function
  • To learn about the different compounded dosage forms and therapeutic uses of LDN and naltrexone¬†
  • To be introduced to "Immune Health Consultations" in a community pharmacy
  • Review of diagnoses and patient base appropriated for LDN therapy.
  • Review of the evidence and conceptual framework for recommending LDN
  • Review of prescriber communication forms and styles
  • Review of immunology and complementary therapies
  • Review of LDN dosage forms available in a compounding pharmacy
  • Review of Immune based patient consultations in a pharmacy