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Treating Psychiatric Disorders with LDN Case Studies:Trauma-stress disorder, dissociative disorder, anxiety, phobia, pain and hypervigilance


Galyn Forster, MS, LPC

Medical research has recently been bringing into question the safety and effectiveness of many of our most popular pharmaceutical treatments for mental health issues. With its extremely low risk-profile, its ability to treat autoimmune and mental health issues simultaneously with only transient side effects, LDN offers an attractive, inexpensive, non-addictive, alternative.

Clinicians using LDN as an adjunctive mental health treatment have found that multiple daytime dosing with LDN can provide significantly more relief than a single evening dose. This presentation will review a protocol for using LDN as a treatment for mental health issues such as trauma-stress disorders, dissociative disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, chronic/persistent pain, and hyper-vigilance by affecting a gentle, constant, partial blockade of opioid receptors.


The bulk of the session will focus on multiple case studies of psychiatric issues that have been treated with LDN, including cases comorbid with autoimmune disorders and other medical complications.

·        Participants will better understand how to effectively initiate LDN treatment of mental health issues.

·        Participants will better understand the range of mental health issues that can be effectively treated using LDN.

·        Introduce protocol for using LDN to treat mental health issues

·        Review multiple case studies of how LDN can be used effectively as an adjunctive treatment for psychiatric disorders, both simple and complex.