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LDN vs. Chemotherapy: One “Unproven” Therapy Against Another?


Akbar Khan, MD


This lecture will describe some of the clinical trial evidence supporting well-accepted chemotherapy regimens for advanced cancers in adults, as well as some of the published human research about LDN. The audience will be challenged to decide if the “standard proven” therapies are actually better than LDN, which is still considered “unproven” by mainstream medicine.

Learning Objectives:

-understand how chemo works to treat cancer, and the limitations

-understand how LDN treats cancer

-understand the research in support of chemo in advanced adult cancers

-understand the research in support of LDN

Session Outline:

-presentation of chemo mechanisms of action

-presentation of research data for common adult chemo regimens

-presentation of LDN mechanisms in cancer

-presentation of published human LDN data

-presentation of actual case studies

-review of limitations of the published data

-future directions for LDN