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Using LDN to Quell the Over-Reactive Autoimmune Conditions Triggered by Many of Today's Cancer Drugs


Nasha Winters, ND

In the dawning of the immunotherapies era, nearly 80% of patients undergoing these treatments will experience adverse events.  Understanding what is happening to the immune system when met with these medications and then knowing what to do to lower risk and negative outcomes with LDN will be discussed

Session Learning Objective:

***Understand TH1 and TH2 balance
***Review the latest class of immunotherapy medications, indications and adverse events
***Know WHO is a candidate for these drugs and who should shy away
***How to incorporate LDN into the immunotherapy arena

 Session Outline:
I)  A brief and general introduction to the immune system balancing act
II)  Update on current immunotherapies in the oncology play book
III)  Labs and medical history to evaluate to assess response to these medications
IV)  LDN can enhance outcomes, how to introduce and what to expect