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LDN, pain and immunity


Steve Ottersberg MS

Description:  This talk will be coming from the point of view of a drug design chemist. The mechanism of action of LDN with respect to TLR4 and mu-Opioid antagonism will be covered along with some of the related GPCRs.


Session Learning Objective:

1) Understand the basic pharmacology of LDN.
   2) Understand the mechanism of action of immunomodulation and nocioception of LDN.
  3) Introduce genes that might influence LDN.
  4) Introduce cross talk with other GPCRs.

Session Outline
Public perception of LDN
mu-Opioid receptors and prostaglandins
LDN pharmacology
Morphine pharmacology
mu-Opioid receptor signaling and feedback
TVRP cross talk with mu-Opioid receptor
TLR4 receptor signaling
TKR4 polymorphism