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LDN and vulvodynia


Debbie Rice ND


This lecture attempts further understanding with regard to the mechanism of pain and discomfort associated with vulvodynia and understanding different treatment options to create improved quality of life for those suffering with vulvodynia.

Learning Objectives:

* current understanding of vulvodynia

* current treatment(s) for vulvodynia – effective and non-effective

* proposed treatments and theories supportive of LDN as a treatment/co-treatment for vulvodynia

Session Outline:

  • Vulvodynia – description, understanding and theories of the disease
  • Current treatments of Vulvodynia
    • Non-effective treatments – there is still a lot of misunderstanding and use of treatments still used that are not effective
    • Effective treatments – even effective treatments are not showing 100% efficacy, merely reduced symptoms
  • Low Dose Naltrexone as a treatment option for Vulvodynia
    • Specific mechanisms of action of LDN
    • Specific information regarding targeted treatment therapy of LDN and how this can effect and reduce symptoms of vulvodynia
  • Case Study(ies) of LDN and Vulvodynia