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Is LDN a magic bullet for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness?


Andrew David Shiller MD


LDN is a potent immune modulator and analgesic, that has synergy with other aspects of an integrative approach to healing pain and inflammatory conditions

Session Learning Objective:  

1.  Understand why LDN is useful for inflammatory and pain conditions. 

2.  Understand why LDN is likely to be more effective in the context of lifestyle interventions to optimize nutrition, mind-body healing, and physical interventions.

Session Outline:  

We will discuss a few clinical cases that illustrate the integrated use of LDN in the context of lifestyle medicine.   The overall context and goal is to activate and facilitate the intrinsic healing intelligence of the mind-body-spirit system of each human being.   Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory bowel disease, and Chronic Headache are clinical situations that are best addressed by such an integrated approach.