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LDN and Education – The Key to Integration into Mainstream Medicine


David Yeazel, MS, MPH


Advances in basic and clinical LDN research are expanding exponentially, yet remarkably, traditional medicine continues to be slow to incorporate LDN into traditional treatment protocols. 

Drawing upon the lessons learned from the clinical experience of a highly successful compounding pharmacy, it is clear that being fluent in the languages of research, clinical medicine, and pharmacy is critical to translate the latest findings into directly applicable clinical indication specific dosing protocols, as well as creating the guidance on expected dosing and timeframes necessary to achieve therapeutic success for the patient.

Widespread acceptance of LDN depends upon the clinician’s understanding of its proven safety and efficacy—the science continues to grow daily—what’s needed now is the development of comprehensive, standardized educational tools to provide the practitioner the knowledge and confidence to utilize LDN on behalf of their patients.