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The Gut-Thyroid Connection, Profound but Under Appreciated


Michael Ruscio, DC

  • Description 

    • The gastrointestinal tract markedly influences thyroid via autoimmunity, thyroid hormone conversion and absorption of thyroid medication.  Mismanagement of digestive health is one of the most common reason for recalcitrant ‘thyroid symptoms’ according to Dr. Ruscio’s observations. 
    • The talk will highlight the clinically relevant actions that can be taken to improve thyroid health via optimization of the GI tract. 
  • Session Learning Objective & Outline

    • Understand what has been published associating GI conditions (like SIBO and H. Pylori) to hypothyroidism and thyroid autoimmunity
    • Understand how some cases who ‘just can’t get the right dose of thyroid medication’ might be due to chronic malabsorption because of poor gut health.  And what to do about it. 
    • Understand what TPO antibody levels clinicians should be striving for
    • Understand testing that can be used to definitively determine if one is or is not hypothyroid