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Cory Tichauer ND

Dr. Tichauer has primarily focused on the realm of chronic infectious illness, neurodegenerative conditions, environmental medicine and autoimmune disease for the past 15 years of practice. He has been a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society since 2009 when he accepted a fellowship to receive formal training in the treatment of Lyme. Wanting to better understand the complexity of tick-borne illness, he was also able to spend additional time learning from two other esteemed physicians on the West Coast at this time.   Recognizing the challenges with treating these increasingly complex cases, Dr. Tichauer then traveled to Germany in 2016 to tour several Lyme clinics and learn how to integrate certain proven European therapies into his practice model. For the past two years, Dr. Tichauer has been focused on better understanding the complexity of chronic disease as it relates to immune dysfunction.  His interest currently lies in identifying objective data sources to better delineate between infectious, immunologic and toxogenic etiologies for illness.  Always striving to provide the best possible care, he continues to research and apply cutting edge therapeutic interventions to both individualize therapy and ensure successful outcomes.