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Cory Tichauer ND

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Tichauer has developed an expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic infectious illness, neurodegenerative conditions, environmental medicine and autoimmune disease. An International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society member since 2009, Dr. Tichauer used his formal fellowship-sponsored training in Lyme treatment as a platform to better understand the complexity of tick-borne illness.  In 2016, Dr. Tichauer spent time in several German clinics in an effort to integrate proven European therapies into his practice model. Since this time, his focus has been on mastering the relationship between immune dysfunction and chronic illness, particularly as it relates to active versus latent infections.  To this regard, he has been an avid supporter of low dose naltrexone as a synergistic therapy in many of his patients.  

Currently, Dr. Tichauer focuses a growing interest in identifying objective data to better delineate between infections, immunologic and toxigenic etiologies for illness.  Using this information, he then applies a wide array of cutting edge, individualized therapies to subsequently target the primary issue(s) and progressively restore health.  


Lyme Disease and Co Infections