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Compounding 101: The Basics of Compounding with Naltrexone


Tara Thompson, PharmD

There is much more to compounding pharmacy than mixing ingredients. This presentation will give a glimpse into the world of compounding pharmacy, the regulations and guidelines that we strive to meet, how to choose a compounding pharmacy, and how to writefor a low dose naltrexone compounded prescription. Specifically, different bases and equipment used in the compounding of low dose naltrexone will be discussed and how to choose the right dosage form for your unique patient. 

For the listener to walk away with new knowledge about compounding low dose naltrexone, which dosage form to choose for their patient, how to choose a quality compounding pharmacy, and to gain insight into the daily regulations and quality checks that a compounding pharmacy should adhere to.

  • To understand the purpose of a compounding pharmacy and how to choose the right one for you or your patient
  • To explain the benefits and drawbacks of compounding
  • To delineate compounding options for lowdose naltrexone
  • To familiarize the writing of a compounded low dose naltrexone prescription