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Amy Lamb Pharm

Amy Lamb is a compounding and functional medicine pharmacist practicing in Canada. She currently practices in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for her employers, Medi-Center Pharmacy and SaskatoonFamily Pharmacy. She provides a novel approach to conventional dispensing for pharmacists and offers hormone and wellness consultations to patients for both of these communities.

Amy has been practicing as a compounding pharmacist for 4 years and has attended over 200 hours of CE training on compounding and preventative medicine for dermatology, pain management, wounds, hormones, and nutritional therapies. She is a certified C4 Hormone Replacement Specialist through the Professional Compounding Centers of America. She is an avid researcher with hundreds of additional hours dedicated to self-study through the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine, Canadian Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, and the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Amy practices within the concepts of functional medicine. Functional medicine is defined by removing offending agents in a patient’s life (allergenic foods, toxic exposures) and replenishing sub-optimal hormone and vitamin stores. In her daily practice, Amy regularly identifies and recommends nutritional therapies for drug induced nutrient deficiencies, having developed an algorithm and patient screening toolsto do so. She uses her compounding training to formulate and develop alternative therapies for patients thatdo not respond to conventional treatments. Many hormonal and nutritional imbalances mimic diagnoses like depression, anxiety, inflammatory disease, chronic fatigue or high blood pressure and Amy has been able to identify and treat these deficiencies, helping patients become symptom free and discontinue medications where appropriate. She provides dietary recommendations to all of her patients, like encouraging patients with auto-immune and inflammatory diseases to avoid inflammatory foods and sugars. She has spent time studying the microbiome and helps patients fight infections with probiotic therapies and dietary interventions that support a healthy microbiome, while protecting them from anti-biotic associated diarrhea and bacterial overgrowth.

Amy has been using LDN in her practice for 4 years and is one of the few pharmacies in her communities that compounds the medication. She counsels patients regularly on the use and optimization of LDN therapy as prescribed by their cancer, functional and endocrine doctors. She meets with patients for immune health consultations and determines comprehensive immunobalancing programs for these patients which often includes LDN therapy.

Amy works as a consultant pharmacist, developing programs and training modules for other health care practitioners. She regularly offers free education sessions for patients and colleagues on functional medicine and hormones. Amy is a board member for the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan and a prior board member for the Association of Compounding Pharmacists of Canada.