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CBD Oil and LDN

CBD Oil and LDN work very well together in the treatment of Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases and Pain Conditions.

We only recommend a very high-quality Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil which has gone through stringent purity checks.


CDB Oil Store UKThe CBD Oil Store

The CBD Oil Store is the most trusted UK CBD Oil online shop. With next day delivery available and distribution across Europe, our CBD oil is 100% pure and contains zero THC. 

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CBD_1.pngImbue Botanicals 

Imbue Botanicals grow the finest organic Colorado hemp, process it under the most stringent conditions, and produce an extensive line of premium CBD products, which are non GMO, cruelty free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars. Shipping to the US Only

We are offering the LDN Research Trust a donation on every sale made via this link


shutterstock_1054761476_1_1.jpg Information For Medical Professionals

You can download a free CBD Guide for Medical Professionals here

 We have negotiated for our readers to take part in a 45 mins CBD online learning course for free and you receive a certificate on completion. The cost should be £500! Further courses are available for those in the UK who can attend in person, details upon request. Training Course Link 

CBD is available for Medical Professionals at a wholesale price please quote LDN with your enquiry email 


LDN and CBD Testimonials from Medical Professionals

Dr Craig Hauser_0_0.png

Dr Craig Houser

“Organic CBD with LDN together give patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues a double dose of anti-inflammatory help. In all my years as an M.D. and Integrative Medicine physician at Hauser Health, I believe there is no Magic Pill.  But I think these 2 are a pretty amazing combination."

Tom Schnorr, RPh, CCN_0_0.jpg

Tom Schnorr, RPh

"I have been personally using LDN at 3mg for the last 9 years for my allergies to the mold here in Austin TX.  I keep them in check with one 3 mg cap at bedtime and rarely ever need to add an antihistamine and when I do I choose a nutritional supplement variety. Usually D-Hist from Orthomolecular. About 2 yrs ago I added in CBD at 25mg to 50mg twice a day and by combining the two (LND and CBD) I have almost forgotten I have any reaction to mold or cedar in central Texas".  

Steve Hoffart, ParmD small_0.jpg

Steve Hoffart, ParmD

“The synergistic effect of using both LDN and CBD products in our patients to reduce inflammation and improve overall sense of wellbeing has brought tremendous benefits in symptom relief and quality of life”.

David J Zeiger, D.O., ABOIM, FAAFP_0_0_0.png

David J Zeiger, DO

“Low dose naltrexone and CBD are effective complementary therapies I have successfully used in my Integrative Medical practice to help treat autoimmune disease ie Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, CFIDS , fibromyalgia, SIBO”.


Ginevra Liptan, MD

“For fibromyalgia, I have found the combination of CBD and LDN to be more effective for pain reduction than either treatment alone. CBD also eases the anxiety that can occur as a side effect of LDN”. 

CBD for Fibromyalgia Videos Part 1  and Part 2

Steve Zielinski, PharmD_0.jpg

Steve Zielinski, PharmD

“The synergistic effect of using both LDN and CBD products in our patients to reduce inflammation and improve overall sense of wellbeing has brought tremendous benefits in symptom relief and quality of life”.

F. Ramzi Asfour, MD small_0.jpg

F. Ramzi Asfour, MD

“For many of my patients, LDN has been extremely helpful in their recovery. For some, the addition of CBD to the LDN has led to further significant improvement”.

Tamyra Comeaux MD_0.jpgTamyrs Comeaux, MD

“I have had LDN and CBD compounded into a vaginal preparation.  People loved it!  It was excellent for vaginal discomfort and dryness.

I have used LDN and CBD simultaneously, but in separate preparations, for anxiety.  It is extremely effective.  Also, CBD seems to help the insomnia side effect that people often observe with LDN.

They work extremely well together and I have not observed an instance where the combination was unfavourable”.

Dr Elizabeth Livengood_0.jpg

Elizabeth Livengood, ND

Case 1: Rheumatoid arthritis. Combination of LDN and CBD greatly relieved pain and inflammation
Case 2: Major Depressive Disorder: combination provided relief but also disrupted menstrual cycle