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LDN Websites

Here you will find a list of LDN websites for many conditions around the world.

Do you have a website or know of a website, forum, blog or Facebook Page/Group that would be of use to our members? If so please let us know using the "contact" button on the top navigation bar and we will add it to the websites.

LDN Websites

Where you can find the LDN Research Trust

A MUST for all LDN patients and prescribing doctors

LDN Research Trust Vimeo Channel

Listen to LDN Prescribing Doctors, Pharmacists, Scientists and users for many conditions from around the world sharing their expereince.





LDN and Aids



Sarcoidosis and Lyme Australia



Belgium Website



Brazil FaceBook Group



LDN in Bulgaria



LDN Cancer Website



LDN overview - Maija from Finland



  French LDN FaceBook Nous sommes un groupe de malades atteints de Sclérose en Plaques, de Spondylarthrite ankylosante, Maladie de Crohn ou d'autres maladies autoimmunes. 



German Speaking Website

German Website

German Speaking - Yahoo Group

German LDN Forum

German FB Closed Group



Dutch LDN Website

Dutch LDN FB Group



Italian LDN Website

Italian LDN FB Group



Norwegian LDN Forum

Norwegian LDN Website



Polish LDN Forum


South Africa

South Africian LDN Site



Spanish LDN Forum



Turkish LDN FB Group


United Kingdom

Dr Chris Steele talks about LDN on YouTube

LDNNow Website

LDNNow on FB

LDNNow on Twitter


United States

Low Dose the main LDN website in the world!

LDN ezboard SammyJo's Site

Laurence Finestone's Spotlight LDN



Autism and LDN Yahoo Closed Group

The Autism


Cancer Survivors Network

LDN for Cancer Yahoo Group

LDN for Cancer Wbsite with Links

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease Website

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Health Rising 


LDN and Fertility Dr Phil Boyle


Yahoo Fibromyalgia Group

Fibromyalgia and CFS closed FB Group

Fibro Trust

Health Rising 

Hailey Hailey Disease

Hailey-Hailey Disease Worldwide Support Group FB Group

Hailey Hailey Disease New approaches FB Group

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Natural Endocrine Solutions

Paul's Blog

Lyme Disease

Occupy Lyme Nation FB Group

Sarcoidosis and Lyme Australia

Multiple Sclerosis

GoodShape's MS Website

MS-UK LDN Search Results Page

Crystal's MS,TM & LDN Website


Parkinsons and Destiny Marquez LDN Yahoo Group


Sarcoidosis and Lyme Australia

Thyroid Disease

Beating Thyroid Disease with LDN on FB

LDN General Websites

Low Dose the main LDN website in the world!

Revolution Health Testimonials from LDN users Frequently Asked Questions About LDN

Low dose naltrexone From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An Introduction LDN (LDN)

John Donnelly's Database of LDN Testimonials

Honest Medicine by Julia Schopick

LDN: A Journey to Health

GoodShape's Message Board

Got Endorphins? LDN FB Group

LDN FB Group

Dudley's LDN Yahoo Group

Beating Multiple Sclerosis with LDN FB Group

Overcoming Autoimmune Diseases with LDN FB Group

Introduction to LDN Website with Links

Side Efects websites with links