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Dr Eugene Papantoniou - 24th March

EugeneHeadShot_0_0.jpgDr. Eugene Papantoniou, Pharm.D, began his interest in low dose naltrexone after encountering numerous patients who proclaimed the benefits and positive changes in their health to him through the use of LDN. A graduate of the University of Florida, he maintains an active interest in low dose naltrexone research and actively promotes the benefits of LDN to both patients and physicians. Other areas of interest to him include hormone replacement therapy, pain management and sports medicine.

Dr Sarah Zielsdorf - 29th March

Sarah_0.jpgDr. Sarah Zielsdorf hails from Ohio, where she received her BA in Microbiology from Miami University with a minor in molecular biology and a concentration in oboe performance. She went on to earn an MS in Public Health, Microbiology, and Emerging Infectious Diseases from The George Washington University in Washington, DC where she published her thesis on improving laboratory emergency preparedness post 9/11. Dr. Zielsdorf graduated from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center and Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital. She holds a membership in the Institute for Functional Medicine and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr Jill Cottel - 5th April

Dr Jill Cottel_0.jpgDr. Cottel is native to Southern California and grew up in San Diego.  She received her bachelor's degree with honors at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in biochemistry and cell biology.  She received her medical degree from UCSD School of Medicine in 1995. She completed her internship and residency in Portland, Oregon and returned home to San Diego where sunshine and family beckoned.

Dr. Cottel is board certified in Internal Medicine and is a diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine.  She has over twenty years of internal medicine experience which has led to her current focus on integrative care and holistic health.  She sees patients in private practice and is active in her community.  She also belongs to the American College of Physicians and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

Dr Richard Nahas - 12th April

Richard Nahas_0.pngThe Seekers Centre was established by Dr. Richard Nahas, who is committed to innovating healthcare with integrative medicine.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Dr Nahas studied biochemistry at the University of Ottawa before attending the University of Toronto, where he obtained his medical degree in 1998.  He spent four years as an ER physician, working in remote rural outposts and academic teaching hospitals across Canada. An early interest in global health led to medical missions in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.  It was during the SARS outbreak of 2003, while treating people with the disease, that he realized the potential of treating illness by helping the body heal itself.

He then spent two years backpacking in 30 countries to study the traditional healing systems of the world. He worked with shamans, gurus, traditional doctors and healers from around the world.  With a renewed calling to medicine and healing, he returned to Ottawa and established the Seekers Centre.

He has worked to promote evidence-based integrative medicine. He created a curriculum for medical students, has written journal articles and textbook chapters, contributed to national guidelines and multinational clinical trials.  He also speaks and writes about the potential for integrative medicine to improve healthcare.

Dr Nahas has developed the Seekers Method, a treatment system that uses vibrational medicine to find and treat disturbances in the nervous system.  He has launched an outcomes-based research project to measure its effectiveness and is teaching patients and providers to use it to make their treatment better.

He enjoys reading, music and his bicycle.

Dr Leonard Weinstock - 14th April

Dr Leonard Weinstock_0.pngDr. Leonard Weinstock is Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. He is president of Specialists in Gastroenterology and the Advanced Endoscopy Center. He teaches at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Weinstock received a BA Magna Cum Laude from University of Vermont and the medical degree from University of Rochester School of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training and was chief resident in Internal Medicine at Rochester General Hospital. His Gastroenterology Fellowship was performed at Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Weinstock is an active lecturer and has published more than 70 articles, abstracts, editorials and book chapters. He is an investigator at the Sundance Research Center and has participated over 30 research studies. He is currently researching the role and treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in restless legs syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and rosacea. Low dose naltrexone as treatment for a variety of inflammatory conditions is a topic of clinical research. He is very interested in colon cancer prevention and has expertise in colon cancer screening and advanced polypectomy techniques. A complete CV is available at

Dr Scott Zashin - 19th April

Dr Scott Zashin.jpgDr. Scott Zashin is a board-certified Internist and Rheumatologist in Dallas TX who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the spectrum of adult Rheumatologic conditions.

Compassionate. Excellent clinician. Good listener. Meticulous. Great sense of humor. Open-minded. Attentive. Progressive. This is how patients and colleagues describe him, and it’s why Dr. Zashin — or "Dr. Z.” as patients often call him — has consistently, year after year, been selected as a “Super Doctor” by Texas Monthly magazine, one of the “Best Doctors in Dallas” by D Magazine, and one of the “Best Doctors in America” by Woodard-White.

Dr. Zashin is a respected arthritis expert. A native of Short Hills, New Jersey, Dr. Zashin earned his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and his medical degree at Dartmouth Medical School. He completed residencies in rheumatology and internal medicine at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Zashin is board-certified in both rheumatology and internal medicine by the American Board of Rheumatology and the American Board of Internal Medicine, respectively. He is a member of the American College of Physicians, the Texas Medical Association, and the Dallas County Medical Society. He has also served on the Executive Board of the Arthritis Foundation and as a past President of the Lupus Foundation.

As an arthritis specialist, he is a clinical professor of internal medicine in the rheumatology division at UT Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. He is also a private-practice rheumatologist at Presbyterian Hospitals of Dallas, where he has practiced since 1989. He is an active advocate for people with arthritis. He served as President of the Lupus Foundation’s North Texas chapter, and is currently a board member of both the Lupus Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation of North Texas. As a distinguished and loyal “Big Green” alumnus, he also serves as North Texas Enrollment Director for Dartmouth College.

Dr. Zashin is married and has two school-aged daughters. His family time includes long walks with his family and dog as well as, attending his daughters’ stage performances and recitals.

Pharmacist Phil Altman - 21st April

Phil Altman.jpgI started out as a traditional pharmacist in my Dad’s pharmacy. However, I always knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference and circumstance led me to it.

The day came when a very unfair landlord failed to renew my lease and instead put in a CVS at our location. Looking toward the future, I came up with a concept to integrate a health food store and a traditional pharmacy so people would be able to benefit from both.

I had a sense that conventional and alternative healthcare were complimentary and I became educated about supplements and other alternative healing modalities.

As our reputation grew, women started asking for what was known at the time as natural hormones – as an alternative to the standard, mass-produced hormone replacement therapy on the market. So I did a lot of research, joined the compounding association, and realized that many of the people I knew were starting to enter into the menopausal phase of their life.

Unlike my parent’s generation, women today are generally not ok with feeling old at 65. They intend to have a good quality of life and strive to be physically, emotionally and sexually active until they are well into their 80’s. Today Bio Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy gives them a venue to do just that.

Prof. Dana Flavin - 26th April

dana_0.jpgFounding Member of ICRM

Born in Chicago as the youngest child of Dr. and Mrs. Byron Flavin. Both parents studied Medicine and their excellent example of compassion and devotion to duty made a lasting impression on Dr. Flavin‟s life. Her continuous education in Science and Medicine has helped her to find and improve therapies for many diseases including Cancer, Autoimmune diseases such as Graves thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis and viral diseases. She received her first degree in Psychology and Chemistry from Loyola University in 1972 and then began graduate school in Pharmacology at Chicago Medical School. After 4 years and part I of her Medical Boards, she was appointed Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology at the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C.

During this time she researched the Molecular Biology of Cancer and Tumor Promotion investigating the application of Translational Medicine into potential therapies for cancer. She then was appointed Science Advisor to the President of the Nutrition Foundation and began graduate studies at Howard University in Nutrient Biochemistry under the Department of Nutrition. Several years later with summa cum Laude in Nutrition she moved to Germany and began her studies in Medicine for completion of her M.D. degree in Innsbruck, Austria, including years devoted to research.


Izabella_0.jpgFascinated by science and the impact of substances on the human body, Izabella decided to pursue a degree in pharmacy with a dream of one day finding a cure for a disease.

An avid learner and goal-oriented student, she received the PharmD. Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy) from the Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy at the age of 23.

After graduation, she excelled at numerous roles including working as a community pharmacist, a clinical consulting pharmacist and later a medication safety pharmacist. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and holds certifications in Medication Therapy Management as well as Advanced Diabetes Care.

After moving to a new city, she was given the opportunity to lead a statewide medication safety initiative, transitioning to a career in medication safety and healthcare quality improvement. There, she developed an expertise about the whole systems approach, rapid tests of small change; outcomes tracking and root cause analysis.

Dr Akbar Khan - 3rd May

Dr Akbar Khan_0_0.PNGAkbar Khan is the founder and Medical Director of Medicor Cancer Centres. For the last 21 years, his primary practice has consisted of providing personalized care by focusing on a limited number of cancer patients. This has given him extensive experience in dealing with the unique, complex and varied issues that cancer patients and their families face.

Dr. Khan has always been active and innovative in the field of cancer care. In 1999, he co-founded P.A.L.I.N., a registered charitable corporation which addressed the needs of cancer patients requiring at-home symptom control and enhanced quality of life. Working as the co-director of this charity gave him the opportunity to develop a range of unique services

Dr Kent Holtorf - 5th May

kentholt_0.jpgKent Holtorf, M.D., is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group ( and the nation-wide Holtorf Medical Group Affiliate Centers. He is also founder and director of the non-profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism (NAH), (, which is dedicated to dissemination of new information to doctors and patients on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.

He has personally trained numerous physicians across the country in the use of bioidentical hormones, hypothyroidism, complex endocrine dysfunction, and innovative treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, weight loss, fibromyalgia, and chronic infectious diseases, including Lyme disease.

He is a fellowship lecturer for the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine, the Endocrinology expert for AOL Health, and is a guest editor and peer-reviewer for a number of medical journals including Endocrine, Postgraduate Medicine, and Pharmacy Practice. Dr. Holtorf has published a number of peer-reviewed endocrine reviews, including on the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones, inaccuracies of standard thyroid testing, testosterone replacement for men and women, the diagnosis and treatment of growth hormone deficiency, and on the diagnosis, treatment of adrenal dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, peripheral thyroid hormone conversion and its impact on TSH and metabolic activity and the clinic applications of thyroid hormone transport into cellular tissue.

He has helped to demonstrate that much of the long-held dogma in endocrinology is inaccurate. He is a contributing editor to Denis Wilson's just-published Evidence-Based Approach to Restoring Thyroid Health. He has also been a featured guest on numerous television shows, and quoted in numerous print media.

Archived Show can be found here.  

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