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Wednesday 15th February - Dr Jacqueline Silkey

Dr Silkey Photo web.jpg



Dr. Silkey is passionate about treating all aspects of peoples health. She lectures on treating the whole person not just a skin issue. As a surgeon and integrative medical practitioner, she completes the whole package of healthcare. 





Paul Battle - Wednesday 22nd February



Physiologist from University of California, Davis, then trained at Emory University School of Medicine  to be a Physician Assistant 1981, Practiced in 11 different specialties around the country, currently practices out of his own clinic  Remedi Health in Broomfield, and Englewood Colorado. He uses LDN for many different applications such as inflammatory bowel disease, complex regional pain syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis. He also is an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.





Dr Laurie Marzel - Wednesday 1st March 

medium_office pics 041 (3).jpgDr. Laurie Marzell has been a practicing physician for over 30 years.  After completing her BS in Human Biology, she obtained her doctorate in naturopathic medicine.  She currently works as a primary care physician, specializing in natural therapy. 

Her special interest is in hormone replacement therapy for men and women.  She is a member of the National Menopause Society, as well as the North American Menopause Society.  She has been a certified menopause practitioner through NAMS for over 10 years.  

Dr. Marzell became interested in using low dose naltrexone therapy after a patient became ill with cancer.  There was no treatment for this patient, so she tried the low dose naltrexone.  The patient’s energy increased dramatically and pain was minimal.  Even though this therapy did not cure the patient, it was quite evident that it helped greatly.  She has found low dose naltrexone an important therapy for autoimmune disease, pain, arthritis, allergies and many other problems. 

“I like the fact that the drug is in so small a dose, and the results of using it are due to its stimulation of the body’s own endorphins.  These have been found to have a profound effect on the immune system. “

Dr. Marzell has been active in hosting professional seminars, and community education about natural therapy, hormones and other health topics for years.  Her website is 

Dr Jarred Younger - 8th March

J-Younger.jpgJarred Younger, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychology, Anesthesiology, and Rheumatology in the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Younger obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychophysiology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2003 and completed postdoctoral pain research fellowships at Arizona State University and Stanford University before accepting an Assistant Professor position at Stanford University in Anesthesiology in 2010. Dr. Younger moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2014 to establish the Neuroinflammation, Pain and Fatigue Laboratory, where he oversees the development of new diagnostic tests and treatments for chronic pain and fatigue disorders.

Archived Show can be found here.  

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