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LDN health tracker App

The free LDN Health Tracker App is now available on, PC's, Mac's, Tablets, Android, and iPhone's.

Take part in the worlds largest LDN Survey by using the App!

Take part in the worlds largest LDN Survey

The LDN Research Trust Health App (myLDN) is available on Window Phone, iPhone, Android devices, PC's/Laptops.

Android download link: 

iPhone download link : 

PC's and Laptops link: website for people without one of the above devices

People can use multiple devices and the data they enter will remain synchronised across them. All data is anonymous.

With myLDN you can:

  • Keep track of the changes to your LDN dosage and keep a record of how this affects you in these key life markers:

    • Quality of Life
    • Sleep patterns
    • Pain
    • Mood
    • Energy
  • You can also add any other Medications or Supplements you take to myLDN and track their dosage and frequency taken.
  • Set alarms to remind you when to take your LDN and other medications
  • Track Diet items which might have affected you
  • Keep track of any Exercise you have done
  • Keep track of any Medical Aids you might have used
  • Specific questionnaires for Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Spinal Cord Diseases are presented to users with those conditions.
  • Keep a Journal of how you are getting on
  • View Graphs of the data entered
  • Create PDF reports of your data for printing and taking to your GP
  • Receive Notifications from LDN Research Trust direct to the app

We have a facebook info page please like us here : 


LDN App Supporters

Dr Paul Anderson

Dr Rae St Arnault

Dr David Borenstein

Dr Phil Boyle

Jill Brook

Dr Patrick Callas

Mary-Louise Condon

Dr Jill Cottel

Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP

Dr Samyadev Datta

Dr Martin Dayton

Stephen Dickson

Shannon Garrett

Dr Craig Hauser

Dr Kent Holtorf

Dan Karant

Dr Akbar Khan

Dr Esther Konigsberg

Dr Skip Lenz

Dr Elizabeth Livengood

Dr Mark Mandal

Dr Richard Nahas

Dr Pradeep Chopra

Seamus Ruane

Dr Yusuf Saleeby

Dr Mark Shukhmam

Dr Jacqueline Silkey

Dr Sahar Swidan

Rick Upson

John Walczyk

Dr Jim Wallace

Dr Leonard Weinstock

Terri Weisenbach

Izabella Wentz

Dr Deanna Windham

Dr Scott Zashin

Dr Sarah Zielsdorf