Committed to trials of LDN as a treatment for autoimmune diseases

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Ted Heath

Ted Heath is a registered Hypnotist and Chinosis coach, based on the East Coast of Norfolk.

During his careers in Industry and in Education, hypnosis has held a fascination for him. As a Lecturer and also as a former Athletics coach to college and club runners and to an international athlete he is well aware of the power of the mind in assisting individuals to attain goals which were perhaps beyond their expectations.

Ted has immediate empathy with all his clients and uses the skills developed over many years to work individually with them, helping them to set and attain goals.

He has been working with and helping MS clients with great success, and has an understanding of the difficult challenges that face people with MS and their families.

Jonathan Chase, Programme Director of The Academy of Hypnotic Arts, and himself described as "Britain's Leading Hypnotist" (Mail on Sunday) and as "Master Hypnotist" (Sunday Times), sent the following unsolicited endorsement for publication on a web site, referring to Ted as: "One of the best 'natural' hypnotists I've ever had the pleasure to watch work".

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