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Hypnosis as a treatment for MS

Unlock the power of your mind.

No one was a bigger sceptic than me. What did I know of hypnosis? I had seen stage acts on the television, where people either barked like dogs or jumped up out of their seats when the Hypnotist clapped his hands. I found the whole thing embarrassing at best, and very hard to believe! It was television after all, therefore part of an act, showmanship and not real. But is it?

Dr Tom Gilhooly, medical adviser to the LDN Research Trust, was explaining to me how he had seriously looked into hypnosis as a treatment for MS, and had been sending people to Sharon McKay, a hypnotist based in Scotland, for some time.  Dr Gilhooly suggested that I contact her.

After several very lengthy conversations with Sharon, I flew up to Scotland to meet her. I explained to Sharon that I have 20 + "new" people who contact me every week, asking for my help to obtain LDN.  Naturally, these people tell me about their MS symptoms and how they feel, which often leaves me feeling that I want to help with their mental anguish. How do I do this?

Before flying to Scotland, I did my own research. I spent several days phoning 83 people with MS, their families and carers and asked for their help in compiling 2 lists. The first one listed the feelings and emotions for the person with MS, and the other those of the carer. (Thank you to all those that took part, I know it wasn't easy being so open and honest with me but without you our CD's wouldn't have been possible).

Several emotions came up repeatedly: Guilt, Anger, Frustration, Fear, Shame, Unloved, Unwanted, Lack of Dignity, Depression, and so the list went on. I normally only get to talk to the person with MS, and I found the issues of the carers an eye opener. As an MSer myself, I hadn't stopped to think of the emotions of the carers.

Sharon suggested we work together producing our own hypnotic CDs for people with MS so the above issues could be addressed. There is no big company behind the CDs, no backers or mass sales, no one getting rich, just honest CDs to help people address daily issues and improve quality of life. It doesn't matter if people dismiss the idea and don't believe that it will work.  It is the conscious mind which is making that decision, but the subconscious mind that listens to the CD.

To get the full benefits of the CDs, they need to be listened to each day preferably with headphones.  You will then find the benefits will get stronger and stronger, changing your life and making you a stronger person, better able to cope with the situations and challenges MS gives us.

As a result of Dr Gilhooly's endorsement of hypnotism I have been working very closely with hypnotist Ted Heath in Norfolk. I have had permission to sit in on many of his sessions when he has been treating people with MS. "Astounded" best describes how I feel, I have seen him able to help people to bend their legs, walk in a straight line, turn down pain under hypnosis. Ted trains people how to use their newly found skill once awake. Homework is given and people have to work at it, he has managed to get people to do many things they had long thought they were unable to do.

I always believed in positive thinking but was unaware just how strong the power of the subconscious mind was; all it needs is reprogramming. I'm a convert.

Ted has very kindly offered to produce the second CD for us, completing the set, one to help MS sufferers, carers or anyone that needs relaxation and stress relief.  People have said that after listening for a few days they have slept better than they have in years, and generally feel much lighter and less depressed.


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